Friday, June 28, 2013

Business Emergency Planning

In the past I have posted articles about being personally prepared for an emergency, and my focus was specifically on 72 hour kits and evacuations, whether because of an emergency in your home or a more widespread emergency in the community.

As we have seen in this past couple of weeks, it is very important to be prepared personally, but it also important to have your business prepared for a disaster.

Developing The Plan
Here are some points to consider when developing your Emergency response Plan or Business Continuity Plan:
 - Identify the purpose of your business, who you serve and what you do for them.
 - Identify the critical services you must provide and the resources you need to provide them.
 - Identify the most probable disasters, such as fire, flood, snow storm, electricity outage, phone service outage, lack of staff (sick or can’t travel…).
 - Look at the impacts of the disasters on your business.  Many impacts can be grouped into a few categories: 
  • no reduction in resources, 
  • a reduction in resources, 
  • complete or almost complete lack of resources.
 - These impacts then determine what you can do: