Thursday, August 26, 2010

Financial Life Stages Are Changing - Good or Bad?

Throughout most of the 1900’s most households’ financial life went through the following stages:

– 20 to 35 years
  ·    Building up debt as many purchases require borrowing (Mortgage, credit cards, student loans)
  ·    Furniture is second hand, vehicles are used
  ·    Getting your education and starting career expertise
  ·    Budget is usually kept very controlled from necessity
Mid Accumulation – 35 to 50 years
  ·    Start saving for retirement,
  ·    Paying down big debt like mortgages and car loans
  ·    Some purchases are made for quality rather than price (vehicle, furniture)
  ·    Saving for children’s education
  ·    Get serious about financial planning with tax and estate planning

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Service We Deserve

Knowledgeable Service With A Smile
I walked into a computer store a few years ago to ask about computer repairs.  My computer was under warranty from a national dealer and they were willing to pay for a technician of my choice to repair it.  When I brought this up to the technician I went to see, the first thing he did was start telling me about all the things he would not do and asking how he was going to get paid.  After a rather unproductive and frustrating 10 minutes I left the store with no solutions to my problems, but knowing that the technician was very concerned over how he would get paid.

I went to a different store the next day, brought up the same issue, and this technician simply asked “What can I do to help?”  That was the response I was looking for.  They fixed my problem, the warranty covered repairs and I was able to use my computer again.  I have not been back to the first store since, but I have gone back to the second one for both repairs and advice.

Several years ago I worked in a city’s downtown core where there was a large mall.  Foot Locker was having a sale, and the specific shoe I wanted was half off.  I visited the store, couldn’t find the shoe on the shelves, and asked a staff