Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention month.

I have written several articles for this blog about fraud over the past few years.  My goal with each article is to help people recognize fraud and to help them warn others about it as well. 

Fraud covers a lot of categories; from identity theft to lying about damage to a home that is for sale, from stealing a credit card to billing someone for work that was never done.

Two of the most famous types of fraud are the Nigerian Prince Letter Scam and the International Lottery Scam.

The Nigerian Prince Letter Scam is quite old and is so-named because the letters originally said they were from a Nigerian Prince who is a prisoner in his country after a violent government turn over.  The Prince has money in another country but cannot access it.  If you would be willing to send money to a contact that will bribe the guards keeping the Prince under house arrest, he could sneak out of the country and then reward you with millions of dollars for the help.  The reality is if you send money they will keep asking for more as long as you are willing to send it.