Monday, September 17, 2012

Avoid Skimming Crooks

Over 84% of Canadian adults have at least 1 debit card and about 74% have at least 1 credit card. Despite the convenience and popularity of these cards, there is a risk of fraud. It is important to protect your cards, just as you would cash or cheques. Some of the risks associated with debit/credit card fraud are the same as carrying around your account numbers, so protect your card information in your wallet, online and over the phone.

There is, however, another threat to card users that is unique - it's called "skimming." Skimming occurs when thieves set up a device that captures the magnetic stripe and keypad information from point of sales terminals.   It is important to note that debit card fraud has been decreasing in Canada because of the conversion away from magnetic striped to chip cards, but skimming with magnetic stripe cards still occurs.  By doing the following you will reduce the risk of having your information stolen.